Pricing & Service Packages

Signing up with Lightning Legal is as easy as 1-2-3. You pick the level of engagement based on your specific needs, and pay as the work is completed, and only for the work you need.

Level 1

Client Engagement/Legal Assessment/Consultation/Basic Document Preparation: $500

This is our introductory service package. Our Level 1 package will provide a starting point for our clients to begin work with our firm. We will familiarize ourself with the client, their goals and needs, and provide a written assessment of their case or matter. We will also create a client profile that will be used to access any work completed for the client. Once a client profile has been created, clients will be able to order a variety of legal services directly from our website at the lowest possible price. In addition, we will schedule a 30 minutes strategy call with a licensed attorneys to discuss the clients goals and objectives.

Level 1 Service Package includes:

  • Client Intake
  • Client Profile
  • Written 1pg Case/Matter Assessment 
  • Attorney Zoom Consultation – 25 min
  • Basic Document Drafting for client (1 document without attorney signature)
*Access to Full Menu of Legal Document Preparation at Discounted Prices for existing clients

Level 2

Limited Scope Representation: $1,000

Our Level 2 Service Package provides clients with limited-scope legal representation from our firm and licensed attorneys. At this level we will draft legal documents that include our firm letterhead and attorney signature on client’s behalf. This includes demand letters, written communication with opposing counsel, legal inquiries, basic phone calls, and other communications that require or benefit from licensed attorney representation. We offer this service package for clients who need an attorney signature on a document or an attorney to make a brief call on their behalf, but still do not require on-going legal representation requiring significant amounts of an attorney time.

Level 2 Service Package includes:

  • All Services Provided in Level 1
  • Written Communication on behalf of client with Attorney signature/Firm Letterhead
  • Phone calls or communication with 3rd parties by Attorney on behalf of client (up to 1 hour)

Level 3

Broad Scope Representation: $2500

Our Level 3 Service package provides clients with a full-scope representation on their case or matters. An attorney will be assigned to assist the client in whatever capacity is required. This includes representation in mediation, depositions, dispute resolution and settlement negotiations, advanced document drafting, and client consultations. This service package is ideal for clients who want a traditional, on-going, relationship with an attorney who will be available to communicate with the client and dedicate whatever time is needed to serve their needs and represent them in their official capacity as an attorney at law.

Level 3 Service Package includes:

  • All Services Provided in Level 1
  • All Services Provided in Level 2
  • 6 hours of Attorney Time to be used to serve the clients specific needs
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